Enemy Mine

“Keep your details to yourself. Not every friend is a friend.” _Sams. Agbone


The Cradle & The End

“Like a football striker, get the ball, focus on the goal and make it count.” _Sams. Agbone

What They Say

“If you’re head over heels of someone who just bought you a meal, you’d better think twice before devouring your misery.” _Sams. Agbone

The Sermon

“Envy not because there’s still space at the top of the ladder to accommodate your own success.” _Sams. Agbone


“It’s a man’s own mind that lures him to evil ways, no matter how benevolent you’re to him.” _Sams. Agbone

Unscripted Path

“Be it half-empty or half-full cup, just be grateful you have a cup and there’s something in it.” _Sams. Agbone

Friends In Dark

"Do yourself good to keep showing love to those who deserve it rather than love wasted on ingrates." _Sams. Agbone

A Stitch In Time

"Identify the problem, respectfully discuss the way forward and don't allow the latter consume you again." Sams. Agbone