For Love’s Sake

"In whatever way we adopt to interact in life, let it be for love's sake for by so doing, we cover a lot of flaws, give freedom and make progress." _Sams.


What Really Matters

"Irrespective of the spoons we're all born with, let's eat with them together for the good of mankind." _Sams.

The Unavoidable End

"To everyone, you may be whoever you think you're. But to her, you're just another name on the list. Death is absolutely guaranteed while life isn't. So live, because life is a brief intermission between birth and death." _Sams.

Understanding Differences

"When you hear people say 'my best friends" it's not that they have same nature or character, rather they just have best understanding of their differences." _Sams.

I’m Only Human

"We all make gaffes not because we're primordially feckless, but because we're imperfect and primordially human." _Sams.