The Cautious You

"People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature." _Russel Honore


Undaunted Love

What the world needs now is love. If there's none in the world, then let's make some because we are in this together.


You are free to make any decision you wish. But you are not free from the consequences of that decision taken.

My Certified Humility

No matter how big the house is, how huge the bank account is, how good looking the being is and how recent the car is, the grave is still going to be the same size! Stay humble!

The Personified Smoke

"Don't sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone's true colors. Lack of characters always reveal itself in the end." _Mandy Hale

Where Am I

There are times when we get to crossroads and have to wait for the dawn of where we are to choose the path of our destination.