Undaunted Love

“I am patient and kind
I don’t envy nor boast
I am not proud

I don’t dishonor nor self-centered
I don’t get easily angered
I don’t keep records of wrongdoings

I don’t like evil but truth
I protect, trust, hope and persevere
I don’t fail even if others do.”

_(Sams. Version)


“Where’s love? Because I am looking for it. A lot litters but I still can’t find it. I believe I gave out my all but I got nothing at all. Is love being abused? Because I hear of it everywhere and see it in different clothing, shape and size. Could this be love? Because it seems to hurt within and without. Can you give me the love I am looking for? I will be in true love with whatever can truly love me back or whatever is worth suffering for.” _ Anonymous


Love is a free gift. Money can’t buy it. No one can force anyone to truly love. It has no borders. The reverse is too great a burden to bear. True love doesn’t need perfection but truth. Loving someone to me is a decision, judgement and a promise. To make this true, you have to see it and show it and not in words alone. Just love what you have so you can have everything you need. Remember where there’s love, there’s always life.

“The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.” _Paulo Coelho

The problem in this world today is as a result of lack of love. If we know that love changes everything, we shall sort to fill it with it. The lifestyle we adopt should be an example worth emulating in order to change the world into a better place for all irrespective of interest, tribe, race, country or continent. How ironic it will look like when animals look in awe of how we live out of love and run for their own lives? Your life is your message to the world. Let your true love inspire!


“The ugliest thing that I have ever seen, is a human being without compassion.” _H. Milne P.


Remember this:

You can only give what you have. You just have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. No one in this world is pure and perfect. Judge less and love more because what the world needs now is love. If there’s none in the world, then let’s make some because we are in this together.

“Love in action is service to the world.” _Lynne Namka


Image Credit: luismaenlasnubes.blogspot.com


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