The Untold Tale

Like an arrow it pierces
Carries along with smiles
Reflections take transits
Roads litter with thorns
Faces unbelievably in masks
In sheep clothing it appears

Shhh, don’t mention
Though in confusion
Still seeking attention
Applying serious caution
Avoiding glaring frustration
My story, my suspension.”


“I was raped by a close one who should have taken care of me. I saw him did it… I cheated and can’t let them know. I tried airing it out but I just couldn’t find the gut to do so. I implored strategies to get my suppressed mind emancipated, yet I couldn’t voice it out. Just sorting things out to sensibly present it else I could be shooting myself in the feet. Is this going to be my cross forever? I can’t let anyone know yet I want everyone to know…hmm, I can’t just tell. What do I do, please?_Anonymous


There are times when we feel heavy in heart to even speak to ourselves because at that moment we feel our system shut down. Many disturbing things running through our minds at same time and giving us the worst ache one could ever had. As humans, we are bound to have one or more odd experiences that we feel should never get to the ear of any and we tend to just live or invariably die with it. Don’t forget that keeping secrets will always lead to unhappiness and communication is the key to love. A problem shared to the right person is half solved! Conscience is there to nudge us daily of that evil thing we feel is being kept inside of us or that one thing we feel friends or loved ones must not know about. Where there’s true friendship, secrets hardly abound or have a place. So if you don’t want anyone to find out, then don’t think of getting involved or doing it. When it’s against you, find a way to get your mind freed by letting it out to a trusted one. You wouldn’t like to feel lonely due to that one bothering thing in your heart.

“Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets.” _Paula Fournier

The untold tale is just a story of our life that we keep from others and this is in other word called ‘secret’. According to, secret is a piece of information that’s only known by one person or a few of people and should not be told to others. Keeping secrets from someone is no different from lying to them. It’s still dishonest. Anyways you want to look at it, take note that most secrets come with a price tag that you may not be aware of…weigh your choice carefully. We all have stories that we would not tell. Some of those stories are awful. Remember there’s a difference between privacy and secret. Some persons decide to keep secrets because revealing it would make people see them in different light.

“We all have secrets. Some we share and some we have to keep to ourselves.” _Anonymous


Remember this:
Sometimes the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. Know the kind of secret you keep. Don’t keep the ones you should let out or else you are doing yourself more harm when it’s finally out. Becareful with how you live that life of yours.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” _André Malraux

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3 Replies to “The Untold Tale”

  1. I can so relate with ” Sometimes, the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets.. ”
    I tend to disagree a bit though on “keeping secrets from someone is no different from lying to them”… When u didn’t say anything, technically, u ain’t lying and u can’t be held to what u didn’t voice out..
    Sometimes, d sayimg ‘some things are better left unsaid’…cos d pain behind d story can be raw and gut wrenching…
    It takes a strong person to smile with painful eyes… Tee…

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