Just Do It

“Reflections for greatness
Decisions for success
Never relenting for possibilities
Quitting though lurks
Insight always in focus
Achievement obviously abounds
Appraisal secretly nudges
Success for sure awaits
Just do It and await your glory!”


“I got my mind made up, that no matter what it takes, as long as it doesn’t raise eyebrows, I won’t think of ever giving up on this race to stardom. Though sweats drop like ice from the sky, hurricanes sweep across the way, lips speak to discourage, people look the other way from me, in disbelief they watch and all forms of negativity abounds, I will always be on the path of success. My life, my story and I’ll just do it…” _Anonymous

IMG_3107Deep down in you, there are things you just feel like doing that your own self and most persons would forever be grateful for… but… Most of us just like procrastinating. Just Do what will add value to your life and make you proud of the innovative you. There are lots of opportunities out there that you can grab and make full use of the creative you to bring out the best in what has been tagged A WORST scenario. I love it when I see people doing positive things to add value to their lives rather than complaining about almost everything. Excuse me, you think life is a bed of roses? In the presence of that your complain, opportunities abound and just waiting for you to just take a step towards achieving your joy. Stop complaining and take the bull by its horn. Be proactive!

I see and hear a lot of people with dreams of making it one day, yet with folded hands and I ask myself, “Can dreams be actualized with folded hands?” Hmm, wake up, shake off the shackles, be focused and just do the right thing. Don’t consider that little beginning because most successful people started with the least you could imagine. Think positive and don’t wish the downfall of a person for your rise because putting off other persons candle won’t make yours brighter either. I just wish I could on my own grant the heart desires of so many people I have met, meeting and yet to meet. I feel handicapped in helping all, so I clamor for a wake up call from us all to, just do it. This life isn’t for the weaklings but for the brave.


The worst thing you can ever do is “nothing.” Just Do It! Yes, like I said, do it! That could be the breakthrough you have been seeking for. Just be you and be happy with what you do as long as it’s positive. Quit complaining and act! Don’t let your dreams be just an ordinary dream. It’s never too late to do it and don’t give up because it’s not yet over. Tomorrow you would wish you had started today! Don’t forget that a journey of a thousand miles begins today. If you don’t believe you can do it, how can you expect to be given a chance to? That someone can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t either…We always know the right thing to do, but the hard part is doing it. Just do it anyways because it might be the right step in the right direction. Remember if you can’t walk, crawl and if you can’t crawl, just roll, but don’t be at a stand still

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” _Amelia Earhart

Remember this:
Just do what you know how to do. You never can tell if what you’re doing is what will make you stand out for greatness. Just do it. There’s no boundary to what you can achieve in life! Success is just the sum of small efforts, repeatedly done daily.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” _Aristotle

Image Credit: 365dagensuccesvol.nl


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