In The Shoe Of The Have-nots

“Gazing at the stars and hopeful
Each day passes, yet still grateful
Beckoning just for any mouthful
To save a life even if not colorful
Bodies endure as sweat oozes

Who cares without awful clauses
Obviously qualified but none chooses
In return for our flesh as it pleases

…do give us audience for we speak of lives!”


“…hmm, that smells really awful. I can’t go there or get involved with it. Excuse me, get yourself a life and stop pestering me with your wants. I can’t add a penny for those bananas… please, I just need the capital even if not my profit… Would you get your hands off my car? You don’t know what it costs… Don’t worry, just vote for me and I would make life enjoyable for you all… now that you’ve won we await your promises… From the gutter I brought you and could kick you back in at any time…” _Anonymous


According to, The have-nots are the underprivileged ones in the society, contrasted to those who have possessions, power or wealth: the haves. The lives of the underprivileged ones give me some deep moments of thought. Hmm, life in retrospect! When you’re born with a silver spoon, you would at most times feel there are no persons born with a clay spoon. Your life seems so good that you never would want to thread on the path of the have-nots, you would go for the best things and places in life and so much more that your heart could desire. Though being underprivileged is no one’s mistake, a lot can still be done to give hope to them. An act of justice here is also necessary! Have you ever imagined how things could go with you when you try to put your feet in the shoe of the have-nots? I believe you wouldn’t want to imagine being in such a scenario. This hard life of the underprivileged has pushed a lot of them into hunting down the haves for the sake of survival and getting involved in things that are against ethical lifestyle. Should this continue?

“Much of human history has consisted of unequal conflicts between the haves and the have-nots” _Jared Diamond


Look around you and also ask your innermost self if you have really fulfilled the saying of “be your brothers’ keeper.” Well, in the shoe of the have-nots, which is made of hunger, hardship, dreams, sorrowful tears, anger, disappointments and the likes, life is full of dreams being awaited to become reality, shattered hopes, expectations, injustice and other related situations. Life indeed isn’t fair to the have-nots as observed, yet they strive to survive through diverse means devised by them. Especially when the thought of life being for the survival of the fittest comes into play. Most of the wanting-to-survive ones would always put this in mind that as long as there’s life, there will surely be hope and that everyone wants happiness and not pains knowing well that they can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. Mother Teresa puts it this way for the haves “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

“The pleasures of the rich are bought with the tears of the poor.” _Thomas Fuller

Remember this
What really matters in life is the number of faces you have been able to put smiles on. There’s always love in sharing. There are lots of persons out there who really need your assistance in one way or the other. Reach out to them and put that smile on their faces. Learn to give and expect nothing in return. Remember too that blessed is the hand that gives… We can’t continue expanding the gaps between the haves and have-nots. It might sooner or later threaten our peaceful cohabitation. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!

“We rise by lifting others.” _Robert Ingersoll

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8 Replies to “In The Shoe Of The Have-nots”

  1. Totally agree… I’ve been in that shoe… I know what it’s like…. Made a conscious effort to always give and put a smile on people’s faces…because I have been in that position of have-nots.. 😊
    Besides… God loves a cheerful giver..


  2. So lovely and so important to keep a good heart! I’ve just written a similar blog actually on positivity and not allowing the world to turn you cold! Take a look 🙂 have a good day

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