Who Am I?

“Perplexed, I still ask of my identity
The more I do, the farther my entity
In my belief, I yearn for the best
If I can’t understand, then I’m next
My true self, please who am I
A sojourn here, where I can’t fly

One step at a time
Avoiding the darts in life
To experience my true bliss
Who am I, I asked, please
Answers within and voiceless
Expectations linger without notice

But, who am I…”


“I reluctantly decided not to read between the lines of what I can do because it wasn’t making any sense to those I feel should be part of my story. I asked myself severally that why me despite all my efforts in making things work out? Both favorable and unfavorable situations kept flying around while I walked through, yet I couldn’t get any. Isn’t it ironic? I am neither here nor there in things that matters. I am just not in control and that makes me question my sanity, my being and my sojourn on earth. No one ever believed in me not even the ones so close… hmm, it’s enough… who am I?” _Anonymous


When we start asking ourselves questions about who we are, it begins to define our readiness for progress and at times it’s like asking ourselves if we truly deserved that joyful achievement. It is a good thing to actually ask who we are. It keeps us in check. The irony is that the more you seek to identify WHO YOU ARE, the more fragile you’re likely to feel about yourself. Some of us live life like we own it and can determine what happens to others at anytime, dictate how others should live their lives and try to determine the future for them. If you find yourself in a roundabout of such scenario, I guess it’s time you start taking positive actions that will direct you to the path of your bliss. Get yourself out of anything that seems to encapsulate you! Remember, this life of yours is hundred percent your responsibility and you don’t need to place emphasis on discovering who you are but on facilitating the emergence of what you’d like to experience.


According to psychologytoday.com, our identity should be seen as a an ongoing process. Rather than a static snapshot. Be flexible in your thought so you can survive the storm as it bends with the storm, whereas the more rigid you are the more likely you’re to crack. Getting to know yourself allows you to tap into the well of happiness beyond your imagination. Emancipate yourselves from all forms of mental slavery and know who you are.
Life as it progresses has a way of showing what we’re made of. Likewise, learning to accept one’s self is one of the genuine gifts of growing older. Self-realizations can shift the ground underneath us, but they can also open up whole new fields of vision in doing so.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” _Aristotle

Remember this:
You have the ability to create your own life. In fact, your true self is with you right now. It may be covered up a bit, but with some digging and a few deep, good changes, you’ll find it. It’s open to connect immediately. If you deep feed your genuine nature and loving presence, bit by bit, it will be renewed, grow and bloom.

“The greatest care and gift you can give to yourself is the profound pleasure and knowledge of being able to say: This is who I am and this is what I want.” _Michael Feeley

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