What If…

“What if I am immortal…
What if I am invincible
What if I can fly
What if I can’t die

What if I am God
What if I own the world
What if I can’t love
What if I can’t move

And what if…”


“…and so it all ended. I couldn’t bear the hurt, so I thought of resolving in court. But would that have been the solution, when we could redress without conviction? What if ego didn’t come to dance while we seem to be in trance? What if we’d tried to make things work out since our offsprings would like to walk knowing their Destiny’s whereabout? Voyage without a good captain to make a role model dearly contain. And so it all started. Love was so cherished without blames and what if that becomes our anthem. Just what if…” _Anonymous


The word ‘IF’ according to dictionary.com is used to talk about the result or effect of something that may happen or is true. What if there was no definition for the word “if”… hmm, a lot of things to wish for. Although, to check oneself, there’s need to ask questions that would trigger the best in us. Using what if, in this regard could do a lot of checkmating and provoke some thoughts provoking ideas that can lighten up our spirit.

What if one day you randomly wake up as a baby and realize your whole life was just a dream? Just what if your life had been the reverse of where you’re now? What if the internet stopped working for a day? Haha, I wouldn’t wish for that though because I’d need it to explain the whys as well as the unknown. With the demands of the society now, most of us strive to live life in a way where at least there’s food on the table irrespective of what it would take from us. Scenarios like this make us to ponder and ask in silence “what if…and what if…” and we say, hmm, this life indeed is a journey with ifs…!


We just wish for the best scenarios in life irrespective of how we live and what life throws at us. No one would wish for the worst for himself or herself even if they don’t deserve the best. There are more to life than what we think we are passing through. It’s a phase, surely another phase would surface. Either of which, we would always choose the best phase to dwell in. Hope you know that, the most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, but when you don’t understand yourself. Therefore, get understanding of the phase you’re in order to ascertain and live in the next phase. But hold on, what if you’re already there. Just what if…

“Sometimes like the moon, you have to go through phases whether you like it or not.” _Marie Trupia

Remember this:
Life itself isn’t fair, so live with it! When you find yourself on a crossroad, be focus, use your best instinct, avoid things that would bring out the worse in you and never give up. At the end, success comes to those who work for it. It’s no magic! Everything is possible!

Image Credit: Total classic rock 


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